Disco Party: Lauren’s 9th Birthday Celebration

I love birthdays! The day you were born is the special moment, down to the second, that God created just for you.

One of my favorite mommy duties is planning Lauren’s birthday celebrations.  Each year’s celebration is welcomed with a fun theme that aligns with her personality and interests.

Parents remember, any celebration or recognition of your child’s birthday is more than enough! Match your mommy skills with their desires, and what you’ll find is gold mixed with special memories!

For Lauren’s 9th birthday celebration, we went Disco! Lauren is definitely an old soul. From Shake Your Booty to old school Michael Jackson (think Jackson 5 or the Off the Wall album), music from the 70’s really gets her body to shaking and grooving (don’t be fooled, she still loves the Whip Nae Nae)!

We celebrated at the perfect location, Disco Kids at It’ll Do Nightclub! Two Fridays a month, kids of all ages can party in a safe environment for a reasonable entry fee of $5!! What even better is that parents get in free! Reservations are available for larger parties. I opted to pay the entry fee for each of the girls since we only had 8 girls attending.


Walker girls of the Disco era!
Walker Girls dig the Disco Era!
Disco friends getting ready to party!
Disco friends getting ready to party!
Disco DJ
The Disco Kids DJ! He does a great job and takes requests!
Disco cuties!
Disco cuties!

After partying, it was time to fill up our tummies with pizza and cake! We headed to our neighborhood friendly pizza joint, Primo Brother’s Pizza! The staff had the patience of Job as the girls were loud and care free. They even managed to turn one of Lauren’s gifts, a Beeny Boo, into a ball and found an open area to play catch. The staff just laughed and told me their behavior was good compared to other kids who visited at times! We tipped them well!

Pizza is good for the soul
Pizza is good for the soul (at least when you are partying)!
Disco Beauties
Disco Beauties
Any night with friends is a success
Friends equal love!

As you’ll remember in my Let Them Eat Cake  blog, we love a great birthday cake! This beautiful cake was a gift to Lauren from a friend! It was so delicious!

Disco Cake by Jazzi Cakes
Disco Cake by Jazzi Cakes 469-279-6136

Yes, I am one of those parents who loves giving gift bags (remember I love event planning)!  We wanted to keep it simple so we gave the guests disco scarfs and pins. I spent around $10 (total) for the gifts and it’s something the kids can actually use.

Parting gifts
Goodie bags.
Lauren testing out the disco scarfs
Lauren testing out the disco scarfs. Notice the lipstick on the side of her face? A kiss from mommy!

The celebration didn’t end on Friday night. On her actual birthday, I checked her out of school early (something that never happens) and headed to the mall for a birthday lunch. Of course we couldn’t leave school without her celebrating with her classmates because it was important to her that the boys be included in her overall celebration since she had an all girl party. They sang Happy Birthday to her and had a cookie cake for dessert.

She invited a friend along as she was serenaded with a Happy Birthday song!
She invited a friend along to the school’s office as she was serenaded with a Happy Birthday song!

Lauren has begged to go to Build-A-Bear for years!!! I finally obliged! Our friends are amazing! They were intentional with their gifts and gave her gift cards to Build-a-Bear to assure she could pick out a bear that she wanted! She also received Starbucks gift cards (yes, she’s that child) as well as Justice gift cards (help me Lord when we make that visit).

Lauren and Chase (Doggy) as she calls him
Lauren and Chase (Doggy) as she calls him

To end the birthday celebration, we had dinner at Cafe Izmir , one of our favorite restaurants! Friends joined us and it was a wonderful way to end her celebration!

Final birthday dinner with friends
Final birthday dinner with friends!
Happy birthday Lauren
Happy Birthday Lauren!


“Mom I really enjoyed my birthday!” “Thank you!”

The Disco Princess spoke! It was worth it!

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