Spend Spring Break with Hansel and Gretel


Spring break is here for some school districts in Texas! I can’t believe it reached us before winter! LOL!

We kicked off our Spring Break at The Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT) premier of Kathy Burks Theater of Puppetry Arts updated production of the centuries-old fairytale HANSEL AND GRETEL!

Hansel and Gretel get lost in an enchanted forest while searching for food after ruining their family’s dinner. They must use their magical powers to save themselves from a manipulative witch with a house made of gingerbread and candy. While on this adventure, they are led to a treasure and learn important lessons along the way.

“They begin to think for themselves and realized what their mother and father taught them about life,” says Burks.

B. Wolf, who has worked with Kathy Burks for 40 years, adapted HANSEL AND GRETEL for DCT and made slight changes to cater to more family-friendly audiences. I’m grateful for the changes made by B. Wolf to make this more family friendly!

The puppets used in this production were first used over 20 years ago!




There were two scenes that resonated with me. The first was the mother’s frustration with the kids for ruining dinner. The frustration was quickly turned around with love as she apologizes to her children for becoming upset mainly at the situation. Parent’s haven’t we all been there!

The second and my favorite was the angel scene!! It was mesmorizing! The actors sang the Prayer tune as the angels watched over the children while they slept in the dark forest. The scene drew in the entire audience as soft “ahs”  could be heard as the lights dimmed at the end.  It made me emotional to visualize angels descending from heaven to watch over my daughter, Lauren.

This was by far our favorite of the puppetry theater!

What was the greatest lesson learned according to Lauren? “Kids, never run off by yourselves!” I concur!

HANSEL AND GRETEL runs through April 3, 2016, and is recommended for ages 4 and up.

Reserve tickets by calling the box office at 214-740-0051 or visit www.dct.org.

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