Edwin Alán Aguilar as Tomás. Photo Credit: Linda Blase

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with a book? The first time you imagined yourself as one of the main characters and wanting to be them for the moment? I’m willing to bet that as you look back on your experience, a librarian fits somewhere in the equation of you and your love of books and imagination.

The Dallas Children’s Theater transforms books into beautiful productions as they have done with their latest play, TOMAS AND THE LIBRARY LADY. The play, adopted by Jose’ Cruz Gonzalez, from the book by Pat Mora, tells the true story of Tomas Rivera, a young boy from Texas, born into a poor family of migrates, and his love of books and learning.

Tomas and his family migrated to Iowa for work only to find themselves living in a chicken coop!  Not the best living conditions, but the family survives. Where there is a will, there is always a way!

To make matters worse, Tomas has nightmares of his former teacher who constantly berated him because he spoke Spanish. She makes Viola Swamp look like a sweetheart!

(background) Charlotte Akin as Teacher; (foreground) Edwin Alán Aguilar as Tomás Rivera Photo credit: Linda Blase

While on an errand for his mother, Tomas meets a librarian at the public library and he can’t believe that she is a pleasant lady. She’s nothing like the mean teacher in Texas!  The Librarian allows him to not only touch the books, but take one home! This begins a blossoming friendship as she teaches him English and the importance of an education.

(left to right) Edwin Alán Aguilar as Tomás and Charlotte Akin as Library Lady. Photo credit: Linda Blase

TOMAS AND THE LIBRARY LADY pays homage to librarians everywhere who unlock the joy of reading and storytelling for children around the world just as it did for Tomas!

TOMAS AND THE LIBRARIAN is only around until Sunday, April 2! To reserve tickets, call 214-740-0051 or visit

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