Summer 2017 Bucket List Countdown #1: Fluellen Cupcakes

Banana Pudding and Lemon Cupcakes

My sidekick (Lauren) and I were invited to a summer gathering Saturday afternoon! The kiddos enjoyed a humongous water slide while the adults chatted about absolutely nothing important! YES! It’s Summertime! We even used bug spray with DEET and didn’t care one bit that it wasn’t natural! Oh to just be normal mothers on a beautiful summer day!

After grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, snacks, and drinks, Lauren and I decided to check off one of our 2017 Summer Buck List Items! I’m always up for a good dessert so to Elm Street we went to #tastethehype that is Fluellen Cupcakes!  The only nightmare was the parking!! It took us three attempts at finding parking before we were able to illegally park in front of the store. Sometimes I like to be a rebel while praying policemen have more important calls to attend to on a nice Saturday evening. Shout out to Policemen everywhere doing your job!

Encouraged to choose one of the options from the top row (they were the best sellers), I chose the Banana Pudding and Lauren chose the Lemon.

Too full to eat the treats right away and too scared that I would get a ticket, we opted to have them boxed up to eat later as our late night snack.

Nighty Night Cupcake Time

I absolutely LOVED my Banana Pudding Cupcake!!! It was very flavorful and I felt like I was eating a bowl of banana pudding as the cake and icing combination was perfection!

Lauren wasn’t as pleased because she couldn’t get over the lemon zest decorating hers. Not wanting it to go to waste, I had to try it. It was tasty, however; the lemon zest was a little overwhelming and left a slight after taste, but made for a nice presentation.

One 2017 Summer Bucket List Item down. Twenty four to go!! Stay tuned!

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