Spend Valentine’s Weekend With Frog and Toad

frog and toad

February is the month of love and this weekend roses, chocolate, candy hearts, stuffed bears, etc., will be flying off the shelves.  If you are that mom who is looking to spend quality time with your family for Valentine’s Day, treat your them to an evening filled with laughter and friendship with two of our favorite amphibians, Frog and Toad.

The Dallas Children’s Theater is currently running A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD. Go on a journey with these friends who are as opposite as can be, but still manage to maintain a strong, charming, and supportive friendship.

Per the DCT’s press release, “The deep connection between these friends who celebrate the differences that make them special is clear. A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD begins as the title characters leap into each other’s final dream before waking up from winter hibernation. This whimsical musical and jazzy score follow Frog and Toad’s journey as they plant a garden, swim and fly a kite in warmer seasons, and spend time together on Christmas Eve. At the height of Frog and Toad’s antics comes a sledding trip that is scary and upsetting for Toad. However a special message from Frog reaffirms the bond they share.”

While the show is centered around Frog and Toad, there is a hilarious snail and cute birds that steal the show!

Snail picture frog and toad


Birds frog and toad

Opening night always brings extra fun! Kids were encouraged to wear pajamas and were able to make friendship bracelets. For the record, I think every show night should be pajama night because Lauren was tired and already dressed for bed when we arrived home! #gold

lauren with frog


lauren and little girl with frog

According to my mini me, Lauren, “the musical is way more interesting than the books and even the parents will enjoy it!”

I asked Lauren what lesson she learned and she nailed it, “Friendship is important. Never leave your best friends behind!”

There you have it! Out of the mouth of an 8 year old! Friendship is important! Love is important! Show your love to your family by taking them to see this fantastic musical!

A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD runs through February 28. A special sensory friendly show be held on Saturday, February 20. Visit www.dct.org for more details.

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