Let Them Eat Cake!

One of the greatest things I love about being a mom is planning my daughter’s birthday parties! Birthdays are a blessing! After the beginning she had (28 weeker/2 lbs 8oz) I vowed to always make her birthdays specials (although every day is special with her).

The event planner in me gets excited about coming up with themes and listening to her desires for a great party.

We both have come to LOVE picking out the cake designs! We search Pinterest and then leave the rest to the Cake Artists! A great cake puts the icing on the party!

You’ll see we started with Wal-mart bakery cakes and made our way to fancy, designed cakes.  Her first birthday cake had too much personal information on it so I can’t share that one.

Guess what? ALL of the cakes were delicious! They all were white with buttercream icing. The Walker Ladies are not really into chocolate.



2nd birthday- Wal-mart bakery
2nd birthday- Wal-mart bakery


Lauren's World-Elmo Theme
3rd birthday-Lauren’s World-Elmo Theme


Dora the Explorer Theme
4th birthday-Dora the Explorer


5th birthday-Cinco de Lauren
5th birthday-Cinco de Lauren


6th birthday-Lauren's Candyland
6th birthday-Lauren’s Candyland Cake by Loft22 Cakes


7th birthday-Sofia the First Princess Party
7th birthday-Sofia the First Princess Party Cake by Loft22 Cakes


8th birthday-Cheetah Cake
8th birthday-Cheetah Cake There is an “8” on top of the cake, but the photographer (me) cut it off. Cake by Loft22 Cakes


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