Thank you President Obama!!

I do not own the right to this image!
I do not own the right to this image!

The following is a Facebook post borrowed from my friend,  Pastor Shun Strickland.


Thank you President Barack Obama for the past eight years. Thank you for being honorable. Thank you for your brilliance and compassion. Thank you for seeing the best in this nation even when it showed you it’s worst. Thank you for being scandal free. Thank you for caring about all citizens even those who despised you. Thank you for being smart, witty and thoughtful.

Thank you Michelle Obama for modeling class and dignity. For reminding us to go high even when they are in the gutter. Thank you for using your position to make a difference for our kids.

Thank you Obama family for being a dream come true. Thank you for having the courage to become a reality that my grandmother never dreamed she would see and the only reality my youngest daughter has known. Thank you for breaking barriers and defying stereotypes. Thank you for making the White House our house!

Thank you 44! You left us better than you found us! Godspeed!


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