Catching up with Real Housewives of Dallas Star: LeeAnne Locken

I do not own the right to this image.
I do not own the right to this image.

The second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas (RHOD) will be gracing our television screens later this year.  I decided to check in on LeeAnne Locken, the star of the franchise. Come on! We all know that without LeeAnne, there is not a reason to watch RHOD. No favoritism, just truth!

What can we expect of you in the second season?

This season we have new producers who are great story tellers. Humans have orchestras in side of us. What you see on TV is just one note of our lives. This is my redemption year! I hope you will see all of me and not just a single note.

Will Charity be mentioned as much as it was in the first season?

You know we got into a lot of trouble on social media about how much we talked about charity. If you are going to film a part of my life, my life is about charity. My life is about giving back.

I saw on your Twitter account that you all took a trip to Mexico before the holiday season. You had surgery prior to the trip and experienced some complications. How are you?

Yes, I had the surgery and that will be in the season. The trip to Mexico sort of created an infection and it could take up to six months to heal.

I hope the ladies were supportive of you during that time. 

I will say that you are aware that one of our members is a nurse. Not once did she come to my room to see if I needed any help!

How is your relationship with Brandy?

You’ll see that she and I had a sit down at Hotel Zsa Zsa and it was nothing like I thought it would be.  She admitted that she received some misinformation and apologized. Every season friendships change. One thing I want to do is show Brandy and Stephanie how to mature as friends. SN: LeeAnne and and her friend Tiffany have been friends for 30 years so she know a thing or two about the ebbs and flows of friendships.

Is it true that your BFF Tiffany won’t be on the show next season?

She is taking on a part time role to focus on her business Sanctuary of Style.

Are you still writing a book?

Yes! I’m a little behind with writing my memoirs, but I’m working with someone who is helping me with securing a book deal and I’m hoping to release it during the second season. 

I read an article and you talked about a ring your grandmother gave you and the story behind it. I thought it was so sweet. I love to hear you talk about your grandmother. (LeeAnne’s voice became soft and sweet).

My grandparents taught me patience. When you love someone, patience is the first thing you should have with them. What their love was is what I have with Rich.

Speaking of Rich, do you think you two will ever do a reality show together?

NO!! He wouldn’t agree to that. I’m very proud of him! He’s my hero!  He’s private but allows me to be me. He knows it’s what I was made to do.

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To watch RHOD or clips from the show, visit Bravo.

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