Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!!

Photo Credit: Karen Almond
Photo Credit: Karen Almond
‘Tis the season to be jolly and as families plan their Christmas television viewing, A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS is more than likely to be a part of their Christmas cheer!
Guess what? There is another great option to watch this holiday classic and you get to do it live!  Yes, you can watch The Peanuts Gang live, and walk away feeling just as joyful as you do when you watch the television special.
The Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT) has brought to life Charlie Brown and his friends with the stage production of A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS!
As we walked into the theater, it was a soft sea of blue as the floor resembled a skating rink. I wondered, “Are they going to skate in here?” Yes! They sure did! Is there anything this cast can’t do?
During the opening scene, I felt like we stepped inside the television screen as the actors gleefully skated and sang “Christmas Time Is Here” as snow fell. Hey… I’ll take snow in Dallas anyway I can get it!
Something was slightly different and special about this performance. There was a live three- piece combo band! The band played throughout the production to help maintain an authentic touch. Kuddos!
I was impressed that DCT brought to life each scene from the television special. You won’t miss the hilarious dance scenes, Lucy singing Jingle Bells (and a Ho! Ho! Ho!), Linus explaining the true meaning of Christmas or any of the scenes that have made this holiday classic a family favorite for over 50  years!
Photo Credit: Karen Almond
Photo Credit: Karen Almond
Oh, but let’s not forget about that one special, cool friend,Snoopy, who is just as much of a scene stealer on stage as he (or she) is in the television special!
Photo credit: Karen Almond
Photo credit: Karen Almond
What you’ll witness with this live production is the infectious exuberance and fun that the cast brings and uses to draw you into the performance.
A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS has delighted our hearts year after year as we are reminded about the true meaning of Christmas. Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas. That’s okay because the true meaning of the season is love and kindness! May we all celebrate those two things!
Just like the flimsy tree that Charlie Brown found for the play (you know the story) just remember, it’s not all bad. What we all need is a little love and when it’s found, our hearts light up and our spirits shine!
A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS runs through December 21, 2016, and is recommended for ages 5 and up.
Reserve tickets by calling the box office at 214-740-0051 or visiting
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