My Body Is…PRIVATE! Teaching Kids To Say NO!

body is private

Summer, Summer, Summer time and millions of kids are going about their business trying to enjoy their freedom from reading, math, homework, and all things school! unfortunately, for some, they will have experiences that may haunt them for their rest of their lives.
I watched an episode of Thicker Than Water on Bravo TV (that station that has all of those housewives) and one of the daughters, Syrene, shared her story of abuse during her first year in college. She chose to forgive her perpetrator for violating her.
If you are watching the summer hit on the OWN Network (you know Oprah’s Network), Greenleaf, you’ll see that one of the main storylines is dealing with the molestation by an “uncle” who is very involved in the church. The storyline seems to be resonating with viewers.
Log onto the internet or watch local news outlets and you’re bound to see a story about a teacher, youth coach, close family, etc., being arrested for violating a child in some capacity.
It made me wonder, “How many kids will be violated this summer and will be afraid to tell? How many will speak up only to be forced to keep the family’s secret? How many will be given the “walk with Jesus” and “forgiveness” lecture?
According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), every 2 minutes, an American is sexually assaulted; every 8 minutes, that victim is a child! That’s sickening even to type!
A few months ago, I stumbled upon the book  My Body is Private,  by Linda Girard, and read it with my daughter. Although originally published in 1984, the storyline is still very relevant in 2016!
The story is about Julie, an elementary aged girl,who talks about privacy issues and having the courage to say NO to touching that makes her feel uncomfortable. The book included the words,wait for it, penis and vagina (shhhh… we’re not supposed to say those words).

“My mom and dad say if anyone else starts to touch me-anyplace-and I don’t like it, I can say, “No!”-My Body Is Private

I have talked to my daughter since she was two years old about boundaries, her private parts, and always making sure she lets me know if she doesn’t feel comfortable around someone. While riding in the car, I blurt out questions such as, “has anyone tried to touch you?” While walking in the mall I ask, “if someone threatens to hurt mommy if you don’t do what they say, what do you do?”  Her answer is always to tell me anyway or another adult she can trust.

“And it’s wrong if grownups or older kids try to touch or rub the private parts of your body-your breasts or your vagina or your bottom. It’s wrong if anyone says, “Pull down your pants,”or pulls down theirs,or if someone wants to take a picture of you without your clothes on.”-My Body is Private

Kids are smart, but adults are smarter and more manipulative so I want to make sure that I keep the conversation open and honest with her.
I don’t know if it’s the best way, but it’s the way I’ve chosen while hoping it will keep her safe!
If only life allowed us to be our kids protective shields all day, but it doesn’t work that way.

“I am growing up. I know what private means, and I know what I’d do if someone tried to touch the private parts of my body. I’d tell!”-My Body Is Private

Have you had the privacy talk with your child? How did it go? Do you have any tips on making it comfortable? Please share with Momcapade readers! Your advice, may help save a child!
If you or someone you know needs help, please call 911 or The Childhelp National Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-Child (1-800-422-4453).
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