The “hot spot” for everything pink and a nice weekend hangout for little princesses is The Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT) because DCT’s #1 all time box office hit PINKALICIOUS, THE MUSICAL has returned!


Little girls showed up in their pink outfits, angel wings, and crowns ready to be entertained by any and everything pink. My daughter decided to wear her shirt that says “love is all you need” because in her eyes, “Pinkalicious is Love!”

The pinkest chair borrowed from Helen Ficalora
The pinkest chair borrowed from Helen Ficalora

Prior to the show, the kids decorated pink cupcakes, had their faces painted, and visited the doctor to see if they had a case of “pinkititis.”



The play opens with Pinkalicious singing joyously about her favorite color. If you guess anything other than pink, then you drifted off to another planet!  We soon are introduced to the Pinkertons who quickly offer the life lesson, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset” when Pinkalicious is denied a pink cupcake.

Pinkalicious-Mary McElree
Pinkalicious-Mary McElree

Pinkalicious would not be denied! She sneaks into the kitchen while everyone is asleep (after dreaming about dancing cupcakes) and eats one and soon finds out that not being obedient has its consequences.  She catches Pinkititis and turns pink!

Off to the doctor she goes and finds out that the only way Pinkititis can be healed is by eating green vegetables! There’s one problem, Pinkalicious hates green vegetables! OMG! Kids realize that she just might be a normal little girl!

Mother Pinkerton gets creative with her meals by encouraging Pinkalicious to eat broccoli popcicles and hamburgers made with brussel sprouts.

Often ignored, we find out that both Father Pinkerton, and her brother Peter, have a secret and relate to Pinkalicious in a way she never expected!

Pinkalicious reminds us that it’s okay to be who you are and of course, it’s important eat your green foods!

Mom-Natalie Weaver
Dad-Paul Taylor and Peter-Johnny Lee
Dad-Paul Taylor and Peter-Johnny Lee
Dr. Wink-Kimberly Oliver and Alison-Lindsay Longacre
Dr. Wink-Kimberly Oliver and Alison-Lindsay Longacre

PINKALICIOUS, THE MUSICAL runs through July 17, 2016, and is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Reserve tickets by calling the box office at 214-740-0051 or visiting

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