Real Housewives of Dallas Star: LeeAnne Locken

I do not own the copyright to this photo
I do not own the copyright to this photo
Can you believe it? Tonight (June 13) is the season one finale of The Real Housewives of Dallas (RHOD). For some, it flew by too fast. For others, it wasn’t fast enough. Either way, it didn’t deliver the over-sized, everything is bigger in Texas, wow or drama that we all hoped for.
Well actually, I take that back. It did in three areas: Charity, Poop (really ladies?) and LeeAnne Locken!
I met LeeAnne about four years ago at a Fashionista event. She was nice and engaging. I’ve seen her pop up in pictures with mutual friends and they’ve always had nice things to say about her.
Whether her behavior was scripted or truly authentic, the truth is, had there been no LeeAnne Locken, there would NOT have been a reason to watch RHOD!
I hope you enjoy getting to know LeeAnne a little better through this interview.
What was your first experience with the charity scene in Dallas?
I was asked to participate in a SUPER FUN Charity event called “Celebrity Waiter” for The Family Place. From there, I just kept volunteering and helping any way I could!
You have been heavily criticized for using the charity world for entry into the Dallas high society. Do you feel this is fair criticism? Why or why not?
The criticism of my cast mates regarding my “charity world” has ZERO effect on me because none of them are as involved with charity as much as I am. I understand the charity world very clearly and RESPECT the rules and customs that it takes to be a part of that world. Walk in my shoes BEFORE you judge me! And by the way, I’m a size 6 so consider yourself warned! LOL
So many viewers want to know one thing, how do you make your money if you are always volunteering with a charity?
I don’t discuss how much money we have on the show because as a true southern girl, I understand that to be inappropriate conversation. Let’s just say, Rich has clearly told me that if I don’t ever work another day in my life we will be fine! Now as to my career- I have been a working actress for YEARS! You see my commercials running on TV, you see me acting in TV shows or movies but don’t think I get checks for that? Come on! I have also written a book, run an Inspirational Blog and developing a new company with two partners. TRUST ME, I am one busy girl!! Volunteering for charity doesn’t mean it’s a 9-5 job! It’s just that in my HEART!!
How do you determine which charities to work with?
I have a few charities that are VERY close to my heart!
ANIMALS- I have gone face first through the windshield of a car trying to rescue a stray animal. Animals own my heart! I have 2 fur babies at home that I couldn’t imagine life without them!
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE- being a survivor means giving back and trying to help MORE WOMEN SURVIVE!
CHILD ABUSE- being a survivor of sexual child abuse means I spend my time raising funds to bring HELP FASTER to children so they don’t end up spending their lives self-destructing like I did.
AIDS- my heart and soul! There are several agencies here in Dallas that I will NEVER stop speaking up for! I lost someone who was like a big brother to me when I was a teenager and I just can’t stand to think of losing more!
What is your favorite charity? How many are you involved with?
This is like asking a mother, who is your favorite child! Some charities that I will NEVER say no to- Legacy Counseling, AIDS Services Dallas, SPCA of TEXAS, Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, Hope’s Door, Alley’s Wish, and a few more. Honestly, I couldn’t name just one if I tried! Thank GOD there are 365 days a year to divide them between!!
Do you fear being shunned by the charity world after some of your comments or actions on the show?
Of Course! But I also know those charities that I am able to highlight on a national level are better off for it! So the BIG charities don’t need me! OKAY! I’ll take the ones where I can make a bigger difference!!
You inadvertently helped Plano market their city. How many shirts did you purchase?
I loved that The City of Plano took this and ran with it! Few people realized that I worked for the City of Plano for over 10 years! They completely know me and my wacky sense of humor! They actually took no offense to it! They gained over 1,000 Twitter followers that night! I purchased a hoodie version for the Mayor of Plano and he sent me a T-shirt and a cap! When they invited me up for the Press Conference the Mayor of Frisco called while I was there and asked if I could talk about Frisco the next week! Gotta LOVE IT!!
Are you still actively seeking acting jobs?
I don’t ACTIVELY seek acting jobs right now but plenty still find their way to me! I’m grateful for that!
To date, what has been your favorite role to play?
Tough choice! I have learned so much from so many parts! I made great friends in Miss Congeniality. I learned so much playing Faye Dunaway’s daughter (in RAIN). Each part has brought me more knowledge about the craft and the industry! I really do love to learn!!
Who is your dream leading man?
The one I go to sleep next to every night! Oh wait, you mean acting! LOL
Have you ever considered starting your own production company?
I actually own my own production company, Media Matters Productions. I have created, produced and hosted two of my television shows thru it!
Other than The Real Housewives of Dallas, what is your favorite reality show?
I prefer scripted and girly stuff! Vampire Diaries, Penny Dreadful, Limitless, Quantico, The Blacklist, Gotham, Empire and all of the NCIS shows!
What is your favorite Dallas restaurant?
I love a few! But my favorites DELIVER!! LOL Visually, I die over the French Room, but you can catch me hanging out at Nick & Sam’s Park Cities, Bistro 31 and Mi Cocina pretty regularly!
Other than Tiffany, which housewife would you want to be stranded with on an island?
Well she would have to be someone who could pull her weight and not cry about being stranded! LOL How about I pass! I couldn’t think of any that wouldn’t complain NIGHTLY!! Hahahahaha!!
If your life was a song, what would it be?
F**kin’ Perfect by Pink or Little Wing by Sting (I am a GEMINI!) LOL
If you could invite five people over (dead or alive) for a dinner party, who would they be?
Jesus, My Grandma, My Great Aunt Alice, Nene & Tiffany (and there better be some GOOD WINE!)
By the end of the season, how do you hope people will view you?
STRONG and REAL! I have realized I can’t change people’s “perception” of me I can only continue to live as R.A.W as possible! Real Authentic Woman!
LeeAnne shared a portion of her survival story in one episode. She feels her life and experiences are a conversation. Good Morning Texas will air some of her story NEXT week in an in-depth sit down interview with Jane McGarry.
Can’t wait until then? You can also listen to some of her story here:
To learn more about LeeAnne Locken, visit her website at
To watch RHOD or clips from the show, visit Bravo
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