The Big Friendly Giant Comes to Dallas

Bridgette Marquardt, Faye Austing
Bridgette Marquardt, Faye Austin *photo credit Karen Almond*

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and I know many of you are searching for family outings with mom! Let me fill you in on a little secret (that many have already figured out), there is a Big Giant stomping through Dallas and he’s messing with children’s dreams! Don’t worry, this Big Giant is friendly, whimisical, and filled with creative words that are sure to make families smile!

The Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT) is currently running the play, THE BIG FRIENDLY GIANT (BFG), a classic tale from Roald Dahl who is considered the world’s most imaginative storyteller, and David Wood, Britain’s most popular children’s playwright.  After touring 29 states and performing in 57 cities, The BFG has come back to the DCT with updated changes for certain scenes. Sally Fiorello and Douglass Burks created puppets for the main characters that resemble each perspective character.

“We are attempting to capture the wildly colorful world that is uniquely Dahl’s, but also explore the story’s sensitive themes of diversity and unexpected friendships, societal outcasts, and surprising heroes,” said Burks, the director of THE BFG.

THE BFG follows the adventures of Sophie, a young orphan, after she is snatched from her bedroom by a giant. Surprisingly, this giant is not only humongous, but friendly, funny, and doesn’t eat meat! Giants are vegetarians? Who knew?

Sophie quickly learns that THE BFG isn’t there to harm her or any other “human beans” because he’s a good giant. He does the “fantastical” job of blowing sweet, bottled dreams into children’s bedrooms at night. He also blows “whizpoppers” because they make him feel good! You know those things that happen after you eat certain foods? Not burps! Yes…those whizpoppers!

Sophie and THE BFG set out to save the children of England from the “gizzard gupping” human-eating giants with mean hearts. She encourages THE BFG to talk to the Queen of England to stop giants.

Kevin Pellicone, Bailey Lawrence, Gerald Taylor II, Brigette Marquardt, Clint Harris
Kevin Pellicone, Bailey Lawrence, Gerald Taylor II, Brigette Marquardt, Clint Harris *photo credit Karen Almond*

There are always important lessons in the childhood stories that DCT brings to life! In this play, children are thrilled to learn that there’s an alternative to the boogey man! Have we unknowingly scared our kids into our beds mistaking THE BFG for the Boogey Man? Parents, let’s think about this! What are we doing to our kids?

Now when my daughter laughs, smiles, or hums, in her sleep, I’ll remember that maybe, just maybe, the BFG is blowing sweet dreams into her room.


According to her, the lesson she learned from THE BFG is, “it doesn’t matter who you are, we’re all created equal!”

THE BFG is a great precursor to the Steven Spielberg movie of the same name coming out summer 2016.

THE BFG runs until May 22, 2016. Contact The The DCT to reserve your tickets.


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