The Benefits of Hiring a Career-Dream Coach: Interview with Shun Strickland

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We’ve made it through the first quarter of 2016! Whew! What stories I can tell about the good, the bad, the disappointing, the struggles, the joy, the love! On any given day, as I peruse my social media sites , I often read updates of friends and followers (mainly women) who are stuck in careers they don’t love or fantasizing about dreams they haven’t pursued.

Have you been there? Are you there now? How should I move forward? What if I make the wrong choice? Is starting over really worth it? Are my dreams worth it?

Sometimes we need someone with an objective opinion to assist with these decisions. We are seeing a rise in Career Coaches, people who are certified to assist you with your professional goals and overcoming career obstacles, so I decided to reach out to Career/Dream Coach, Shun Strickland,  to explain the benefits of hiring a coach and making the last three-quarters of 2016 a success!

What are the benefits to hiring a Career Coach?

I am personal development coach who specializes in helping people (mostly women) live their God-given dreams. I do this by helping them get clear vision, build confidence and create effective action.

I believe the number one benefit of working with a coach is personal development and growth. Our life follows the direction of our thoughts so to change our lives we must change our thinking. A skilled coach asks the questions that help facilitate growth. She will challenge you to explore why you think the way you think and if that thinking actually serves you.

Accountability is another huge benefit of coaching. Many of us are proficient at holding others accountable while we neglect our own dreams. We are filled with excuses. We blame our kids, jobs, credit and the economy. A good coach will challenge you stop hiding behind excuses and playing the blame game and deal with the fear that keeps you from building your dreams and living your best life.

The last benefit I’ll mention here is support. There is nothing like having someone who’s job is to support you. Even the tough question and deep digging are to help you be who you decided to be. We all need support and coaching is one way to ensure that you are being supported and moving towards your dreams.

Were there any books that influenced you as an entrepreneur?

The book that influenced me the most is the Bible. It’s filled with so much wisdom, but the scriptures on the Virtuous Woman grabbed my attention. I wanted to be that woman. She has multiple streams of income, she has servants, she’s a creator and multiplier and that’s the kind of woman I want to be. Leaving an inheritance of both money and opportunity is important to me. I don’t want my kids to have a job, I want them to create jobs. Well, that’s more than you asked for, but Proverbs 31 is my biggest influencer.

We live in a world where social media is driving so much of our interactions both professionally and personally. What do you see are the benefits of social media for businesses? Which social media site is best for businesses? What are the best steps to craft the sites for a positive experience?

Social media is the only place you can touch the world from your home office with little to no money so I love it. Sixty percent of my clients come from social media. I believe it’s because social media allows you to share who you are and what you believe and for people to connect. I know a lot of people who hate social media, but it’s made me a better and more effective communicator, it’s taught me to use my influence wisely and to make sure what I say empowers and doesn’t tear down. I don’t know any other place you could get that much practice and instant feedback.

I think the social media site that works best for you depends on you. I’m a Facebook fan. I love connecting and getting to know the people on my timeline. It’s where I build relationships and get clients, but I have friends who rock on Twitter and Instagram. So I think it depends. However, no matter what platform you use, your message much be clear and consistent. You can’t promote yourself as a wealth creator and talk about how broke you are. You can’t be a marriage coach and are always sharing your relationship drama. I encourage my clients to build a brand that’s authentic to them. So many people spend time building sites, taking pictures and printing cards instead of building their brand message. Who are you? What do you have to offer? How will it serve people?

The best plan is to build your brand. Don’t take a shortcut. Do the work to get clear on your message, your service and your products. Let people see your consistency. Consistency matters.

Why do you feel woman are afraid to ask for what they are worth for their professional services? What steps can they take to overcome this fear?

I think that women are taught to be nice and we somehow equate being nice to doing things that don’t serve us. Negotiation doesn’t seem nice, so many of us don’t do it. Moving from a job that doesn’t value us doesn’t seem nice so we stay even though we know it’s not a good fit anymore.

Women have to change their thinking. I’ve spent a lot of time on this one, personally because when I first started coaching I struggled with charging. I felt guilty for charging. I worried about if my clients could afford it. I had to deal with my mindset. Where does this guilt come from? Why don’t I think I deserve to make good money? I hired a coach and that helped a lot because there is something about paying someone what they are worth that helps you see your own worth. Lastly, build your confidence by continually increasing your knowledge. Don’t get stagnant. Stay on top of what’s happening in your industry. Work to be the best you can be!

As the second quarter of 2016 begins, what are three things that entrepreneurs must do to assure they have a successful year?

1) Be clear about what success looks like.

2) Have a plan that includes goals and mile markers.

3) Refuse to quit.

Leave a comment or tweet us @momcapade to let us know how these tips helped you!


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