The Stewpot Open Art Program

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The Stewpot is a homeless service provider that offers meals, medical, and dental assistance to their clients. They also provide assistance for those who may need identification and employment, counseling, and help with housing.

One of their most beloved programs is their Open Arts Program which allows their clients and at-risk populations to express themselves through art.

On March 13, The Stewpot held an art auction to raise money for the Open Art Program.  In addition to their clients, volunteers from The Little Stewpot Stewards (LSS) submitted art work for the event!  The LSS is a grassroot volunteer group of young people whose mission is to help the homeless clients of The Stewpot.

This year’s theme was Dallas and the artists painted pictures expressing what they love most about the city.

My mini-me, Lauren, was one of the artists. We found a picture of the Dallas skyline and under the direction of an art teacher, and while learning new art techniques along the way, she painted her rendention of the Dallas Skyline at Night.

Kuddos to the sixty-nine LSS volunteers who submitted their artwork for the auction!!  They raised over $1000 for the Open Heart Program! What an honor to witness the joy and gift of creativity at the hands of young people who have a heart for helping and giving to others!



The winner of Lauren's art work
The winner of Lauren’s art work



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