Momcapade Kindness Week 2015


oscar wilde kindness quote

Hey friends! It’s the Christmas season, the time of year that we spread great tidings of comfort and joy! Unfortunately, we have been bombarded by so many negative news stories!

We’ll let’s change that and start a kindness chain! Join Momcapade on December 7-11 and let’s spread holiday cheer by performing random acts of kindness!

Use your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to let us know what random acts of kindness you performed to bring smiles and joy to loved ones and strangers!

Please use the hashtag #momcapadekindness2015 because when you give, we give! You will be entered into a drawing for a Visa Gift Card to assist you with your Christmas shopping!

Below are a few suggestions!

  • Hand out carebags for the homeless
  • Leave a great tip for a server
  • Leave a kind note on a co-worker’s desk or stranger’s car
  • Pay for the person behind you in line or the drive thru
  • Treat someone to a meal
  • Bake/cook for a friend
  • Offer to babysit for a single parent or a couple that rarely gets a night out
  • Help someone take their groceries to their car
  • Take a nice note or rose to your favorite cashier
  • Leave a nice note for your mailman/woman

#momcapadekindness2015! Let’s do this!

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