The Season of Thanks Countdown: Jennifer Fleming

thankful meme for jens blog

Nine years ago I walked into MAC Cosmetics to get my face painted (because I’m really not a make-up person). Little did I know that not only would I walk out looking fabulous, but that one visit was the beginning to a blossoming friendship that has inspired me and shown me different levels of genuine support and love.

Today’s Season of Thanks contributor is my darling friend, Jennifer Fleming.

A Southern belle who grew antsy working behind a makeup counter in Dallas, Texas, Jennifer packed her kit and headed for the great city of New York to pursue her dreams. Jennifer decided to put her imprint on the makeup world with one simple philosophy: clean, beautiful makeup, and a satisfied client. Six years of runways, ad shoots and everything in between, Jennifer is inspired by art, travel, and culture, while still finding influence in everyday people and places, in everyday life. She has worked with clients ranging from COVERGIRL to the NBA. Her editorial work can be found in Rolling Stone, YRB, and Women’s Health.    Trips to India and Europe have influenced and redefined her approach to, and reignited her love for, all things beautyKeep up with her beauty and travel adventures on her website Facemaid.

 Jennifer lives in Harlem and spends her free time defending the reputation of the Dallas Cowboys.

Jen jen

Dear 2015, THANK YOU, for…

1.) Paris-With each visit, (this year in June and October) I fall more in love with Paris.  Its culture of quality over quantity inspires me to want more of less.  Each Parisian adventure is met with a familiar newness, and gift of hope.  I leave in a perpetual state of daydream, roused to write, to paint, to live to love, to dream, to believe in magic!

2.) Jenny Medford-Three years ago, I had an idea to share the nuances of my brain with, well, the world.  Initially I was discouraged by some, but encouraged (SEE #3 below) that my voice is relevant.  I was introduced to web designer, Jenny Medford.  With skill, organization, and patience, Jenny designed my virtual brain space, also known as  Since the June launch of my blog, I have been motivated and excited to share and celebrate all the things, people, places, I find beautiful, mixed with a theme day, or two.

3.) My Friendships-Old and new, my friendships are necessary blessings in my life.  I am so lucky to have a community of women, who teach, forgive, motivate, love, and inspire me.  From friendships that, much like a cast iron skillet, have been seasoned with time; to new relationships, still being tended, and growing fruitfully.  This year, through tears, long talks, laughter, and the occasional, but necessary lecture, these relationships have helped me celebrate the beauty of this gift called life.  #girlpower

4.) My sister-She is beautiful, smart, funny, caring, and my motivation for all I do.  My dreams are for her.  We’ve grown closer this year, and I am thankful for how she teaches me to love.  Her name is Jourdan.

5.) My Passport-I want to see the world- this requires a passport.  Thank You, for Croatia- Paris- Paris, and… (Hey, there’s one month left! ;))

Thank you Jennifer!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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