The Season of Thanks Countdown: Liz Larsen

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There are people you meet and you instantly know they have the heart of gold and knowing them makes you better! That’s how I felt when I met Liz Larsen!

Liz is the Founder of Accessory Jane, a Fashion + Lifestyle Blog, and Jewelry Designer. Her most important job and greatest joy is being Mom to her daughter, Olive (5). She is also the Co-Founder of Shop Accessory Jane, an online jewelry boutique that she started with her mom.

Liz uses her blog, Accessory Jane, to encourage and inspire others to always put their best foot forward, chase their dreams, and remember to focus on the things that really matter whether it’s by an outfit post showing you different ways to style clothes and feel more confident in yourself, or a motivational quote to encourage you to keep going.


Liz’s Top Five Things She Is Thankful For In 2015:

  1. God’s provisions – I have been overwhelmed and humbled to step back and look at all the ways God has continued to provide. For answered prayers and for unanswered prayers. I’m so thankful that God is always with me and that I can trust him…no matter what. I know that he loves me and he always knows what’s best. 
  2. Family – I’m so thankful to not only have an amazing family who loves unconditionally, but to have an amazing family that lives nearby and that Olive and I get to see often. That is priceless.
  3. Friends – where would anyone be without friends? They are so good for the soul! 
  4. Home – I’m so thankful to have a warm and safe home to live in. With everything going on in the world, I keep thinking about just how fortunate we are to live in a country where we don’t have to fear nearly as much as others in other countries. That is a gift.
  5. Food – Next week we get to celebrate Thanksgiving. I know that there will be a table full of beautifully prepared plates that were made with tender, love, and care. I’m prayer is that I remember what a luxury that is! To have clean food that we picked out at the store and more than enough to fill every tummy at the table!

Thank you Liz!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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