Whispers of Kindness and Love

2nd kindness quote
My work schedule this year is very, very, exhausting! If I tried to explain it, it will wear you out! Couple that with a second job and you can imagine how my days and weekends are! Oh and let’s not forget that whole I’m a mom thing!
Today a co-worker anonymously left me a nice note with a small gift that read, “Thinking of you and hoping you realize how much you are APPRECIATED! Your labor is not in vain!” One of those small whispers from God to let me know he hasn’t forgotten about me.
Then I reached out to someone to inquire about something regarding my upcoming birthday celebration…because turning 40 calls for something special…right? In our email exchange, she was so kind and offered some encouraging words and showed genuine interest in one of my new adventures. I was thankful she didn’t brush me off. Little did she know, she was already on my list of female entrepreneurs to interview when my interview series begins! Another whisper from God that he hasn’t forgotten about me.
Last Saturday I stopped by the Starbucks in Kroger. When I walked into the store, I noticed a man was sitting and talking on his phone at a side table. I smiled as I waited patiently, in a long line, behind customers who seemed to order at least three drinks at a time. I was having silent debates in my mind trying to figure out how to make thing work out for the upcoming week (this week).
Finally, it was my turn! But, the man got up and walked closer to the line and jump ahead of me! I didn’t even have the energy to say anything. I just smiled. He never ended his phone conversation as he swiped his card, paid for my drink, and left! I thanked him as he walked out…never ending his conversation!  Another whisper that I needed at the time.
These whispers come in all shapes and sizes. They may be in the form of money, material things (yes because at times we need them), or simply smiles! I’ve often beat myself up because I haven’t always recorded these whispers on paper, but I’m thankful they are stored somewhere in my brain.
I wish I knew the man’s name or the co-worker who left me the note and gift. I would love to properly thank them. I always try to pay love and kindness forward. I pray that I’m teaching my daughter the same.
Please share a whisper that you’ve received. No matter how big or small, share with me how an act of kindness made your day.  Remember:
kindness meme
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