Blue Bell…Football…Back in Session!

Oh, oh, oh, BLUE BELL IS BACK!!! Even my daughter started clapping when she heard the news!

But wait a minute…so is FOOTBALL! Can the week get any better?

I am sure I will see social media posts that challenge us to be more concerned or excited about God than Blue Bell or football. I can see them now…

“What if we were all this excited about serving God as we are for Blue Bell?”

“It’s amazing how we can scream and yell for a football team and not for God.”

Ok folks, I get it! Your passport to heaven has platinum stamps and moves you to the front of the line at heaven’s door. The rest of us struggling Christians might get a glance at God through a peep hole. We are honored to know you!

Here’s a thought? What if God grants moments such as the return of a favorite ice cream brand or sporting events to open the door for us to be a light in someone’s world by doing something as simple as stepping into their world? You know that whole finding ways to connect with them!

If you know someone who loves Blue Bell and you’ve wanted to connect with them in a positive way, invite them over for dessert.

Or maybe you are trying to connect with someone you feel is in trouble or need. Have you entertained the idea of hosting a football watch party so he/she can watch their favorite team in a fun, relaxed environment?  Heck, surprise them with tickets to see their team live!

In either of these cases, you don’t have to compromise your beliefs in order to be a light.

Somewhere out there, there is someone who needs your love, kindness, ear, and shoulder. Connect with them through their interests. Try something new. It may lead you on a journey to discover something about yourself!

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