Taste the Hype: The Taco Joint

Living in Texas for almost 15 years, I have become a fan of Tex-Mex and in particular, tacos! Why? It seems that regardless of the restaurant, there is an option for tacos. Yes, I know, not all restaurants, but enough of them!

I’ve been hearing great things about The Taco Joint, so my daughter and I decided it was time to head up the freeway to the Richardson location to #tastethehype.


When we walked in, my eyes were immediately fixated on the album covers seen along the walls! For a girl who took a record player (yes a record player) to college her freshman year (1994), my first thought was, “I can jam while I eat!” Of course, that’s not why I was there, but hey, great music doesn’t hurt anybody!

TJ 6

Ordering was painless. I was happy that the price of food was affordable and the service was fast. As I perused the menu, I didn’t feel rushed by the server as she, with a gentle and friendly voice, told me to take my time. That’s always a good sign when the service is great upfront!

My appetizer: The Disaster Queso (with seasoned meat, Guacamole, and pico de gallo) was delicious. It wasn’t too thick or soupy. The texture was just right.

TJ 1

The tacos: Chicken and Beef Fajita Tacos. They were yummilicous and a good portion size. I could only eat one after having the queso so the other was saved for dinner.

TJ 3

Kid’s meal: Lauren chose the Kid’s Quesadillas Meal with Apple Sauce and Apple Juice. She gave it a thumbs up!

TJ 2

Humor was found on the tables in the form of movie quotations. This made for good table talk-even with an eight year old! Sometimes I have to ask her this when she gets in her zone!

TJ 5

Oh, oh, oh, don’t worry for those who need a few extra spirits-there is a bar area at this location! I was informed that during the school year, teachers love to frequent the bar during happy hours. Go teachers!

It was nice to #tastethehype at The Taco Joint. The Walkers will definitely be returning!

The Taco Joint has 3 locations throughout North Dallas with a 4th coming soon. Visit their website at http://www.thetacojoint.com.

Happy eating!


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